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How to Remove Password Bios Apple And edit Serial 1.3

Removing the password does not need a new BIOS. ( Password BIOS or iCloud )

  1. Wteam
    This Articale discrable : How to Remove Icloud & Uefi password ( IMac / MACBOOK )

    1. Make a Backup BIOS With Your Tool Programmer.
    2. Open BIOS With HXD and Remove Password.
    3. Rewrith your Edited Bios And Work is Done.

    Note :

    Need a skill of a Qualify Technician at The Level of Repair ( Reading/Writing Eeprom , Desoldering And Soldering ON SMD Circuit ) .

    Email : Wteam@UnlockBios.com

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  1. winjoke
    Version: 1.3
    nice jooob